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About FCSR

Membership in the Foundation

Membership in the Foundation is open to all companies interested in furthering and promoting the cause of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our member companies represent small Polish companies, as well as large multinational companies. They represent all segments of the Polish business community, from industrial manufacturers to local retail stores, service providers, and individual sole proprietors.

Gold Seal of Approval

Gold Seal of Approval

In order to receive the Foundation Gold Seal of Approval, each company must first sign our Social Responsibility Statement. The Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility believes in the Business Principles which are based on, and adapted from the Caux Round Table Principles of Business. The Caux Round Table, founded in 1986, is an International network of principled business leaders working to promote moral capitalism throughout the world.

The Foundation believes that business can be a powerful agent of positive social change, and we offer the following principles as a foundation for dialogue and action by business leaders in search of business responsibility. In so doing, we affirm the necessity for moral values in business decision making. Without them, stable business relationships and a sustainable world community are impossible.

Each Company agrees to become a Member of the "Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility" for three years and agrees to the following:

  1. Each member company agrees to sign and abide by the Foundation’s Social Responsibility Statement. (Downloadable version included)
  2. Each member company agrees to promote the cause of Corporate Social Responsibility within the company, to include its shareholders, managers, administrators and employees.
  3. Each member Company is encouraged to organize a yearly Corporate Social Responsibility seminar for Company administrators and employees. The Company is assisted by the Foundation.
  4. Each member company agrees to support the activities of the Foundation by contributing, in a form of a donation, 12.000 PLN to the Foundation each year for three years. The funds are transferred to the Foundation on or before the signing of this agreement.
  5. Each member Company is encouraged to appoint a Company Social Responsibility Committee (CSR Committee) composed of administrators and employees which will develop a Company-wide plan for Corporate Social Responsibility.
  6. Each member Company will promote the important activities and image of the Foundation by displaying, when practical, the Foundation’s “Gold Seal of Approval” logo designating the Company as a “Socially Responsible Company” on its letterhead, business cards, advertising, packaging, etc.

A contract is included and can be easily downloaded, signed and returned to the Foundation.

Obligations of the foundation

  1. The Foundation provides the each member Company with all required assistance in the planning and implementation of the Company’s Social Responsibility Campaign.
  2. The Foundation provides each member Company with the required permit for the use of the Foundation’s “Gold Seal of Approval” logo designating the Company as a “Socially Responsible Company,” and the name of the "Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility."
  3. The Foundation includes each member Company in all advertising and promotional programs carried out by the “Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility,” and places the company’s logo and other agreed upon distinguishing signs of the Company on the promotional and advertising materials published by the Foundation.
  4. The Foundation notifies each member Company about all public, social and economic events related to the activities of the Foundation.
  5. The Foundation includes all member Companies in the use of the free services provided to the Foundation by Foundation Pro Bono Members in the areas of advertising, public relations, on-line advertising, billboards, opinion research, radio, television and the print media.
  6. The Foundation provides each member Company with a Foundation Weekly Newsletter.
  7. The Foundation includes all member Companies in all of its listings of Socially Responsible Companies.
  8. The Foundation provides all member Companies with financial statements and an annual financial audit of its activities.

Members of FCSR



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