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Annual Intercontinental Hotel Scholars Program

Annual Intercontinental Hotel Scholars Program

Annual Intercontinental Hotel Scholars Program Our 15 Scholars, under the careful eye of our Foundation Staff travel by bus to Warsaw to spend three very exciting nights and 4-historic days as VIP guests of the five-star InterContinental Hotel in Warsaw.

The “Promise Scholars” visit the Uprising Museum, the National Zoo, take a train ride around old Town, see a first-run cinema, climb to the top of the Palace of Culture, spend a few zloty at the Zlote Tarasy shopping mall, and are treated to the luxury of the InterContinental Hotel’s swimming pool, restaurants, spectacular views and farewell dinner party. And that’s how it started...
InterContinental Hotel General Manager Christian Henkemeier was touched when he read about the special end-of-the-school-year trips some of our PromiseKids were taking thanks to the generosity of other member companies. He realized that most of our PromiseKids had never been to the Polish Capital Warsaw. “Well, let’s do something about that,” he said...

And that’s just what he did! The first InterContinental PromiseLand Scholars program was launched on July 4, 2008. Here’s how it works… The Best All-around 4th-grade student from each of our 15 PromiseLand Schools are selected to be InterContinental PromiseLand Scholars. They are awarded specially crafted plaques in recognition of their achievements at their schools graduation ceremonies.

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