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About program

Dreams Come True - Online English Program

Dreams Come True - Online English Program

We have learned, working in the PromiseLand these past eight years, that our PromiseKids need to learn English skills if they are to be able to secure jobs in Poland or elsewhere in the European Union. Our friends at member company Randstad tell us that almost every job opportunity that comes into their offices requires some level of English proficiency.

Our Foundation’s “Dreams Come True” program began in 2009 and is offered to motivate students to learn English in all of our Foundation’s 13 PromiseLand Schools. The program is very successful among our smart PromiseKids:
2009/10 school year – 150 participants,
2010/11 school year – 202 participants,
2011/12 school year – 250 participants.

The development of the “Dreams Come True” program is under the leadership of our Foundation’s Regional Director, Małgorzata Ciućka who coordinates all aspects of the program in the PromiseLand.

We have selected an English program provided by Young Digital Planet S.A. (YDP), for the Dreams Come True program. Young Digital Planet S.A. has been in operation for more than 18 years as an educational eContent publisher and eLearning technology provider. YDP has pioneered new technologies to develop educational learning solutions for a wide range of international customers.

The cost of one license for 1 PromiseKid for the school year is 140 PLN.

If you would like to support our Dreams Come True Program please contact our office at

Let’s show these kids that “Dreams DO Come True”…

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