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Graduation Trips to the Baltic Sponsored by McDonald's

Graduation Trips to the Baltic Sponsored by McDonald's

Every year our super member company McDonald’s hosts a graduation trip to the seaside (Kolobrzeg) for all of our sixth-grade graduates from our 15 PromiseLand schools. And what a logistical effort it is! Six buses take part in the operation and begin transporting groups of the PromiseKids from the 15 schools and continue the effort all week until all of our sixth graders make the trip.

Although it is only 50 Kilometers to the Baltic seaside, very few of our PromiseKids have ever ventured this far from their small home villages. Most of the PromiseKids have never seen the Baltic, been aboard a boat, been inside a movie theater, frequented a shopping mall, played on a beach, or dined at McDonalds.

We will never be able to measure the incredible joy that McDonald’s and our Foundation members are giving these very special children. A lot of thought has gone into this PromiseKid adventure, and we thank McDonald’s President Piotr Jucha, and Director of Operations Krzysztof Klapa.

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