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About program

Reagan Legacy Foundation - Student Exchange Program

Reagan Legacy Foundation - Student Exchange Program

The student exchange program is possible thanks to the generosity of our Foundation, the Reagan Legacy Foundation of the USA, and our super members Travel Express, the InterContinental Hotel Warsaw and Air France. Our Foundation is responsible for travel, accommodations, and expenses to and from Los Angeles. The Reagan Legacy Foundation will cover all her expenses while in the United States.

This unique student exchange program offers future leaders tangible education in the principles of liberty as they study the words and actions of President Reagan and other great leaders while visiting sites significant in the history of freedom in the United States. Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” For many young people today, the struggle for freedom and liberty is merely a chapter in a history book. The Reagan Legacy Foundation Liberty Education Tours seek to change that.

Participants of the tour will hear incredible speakers, meet like-minded friends, network with leaders, engage in discussions, and receive valuable resources. At the conclusion of the Liberty Education Tour, the scholars will be fully prepared to return to the PromiseLand as a Reagan Freedom Fellow — knowing the precepts of Liberty and fortified to act in defense of those principles.

During the two-week tour, students will study perspectives from U.S. President Ronald Reagan to:

  • Compare the policies of Democracy and Socialism.
  • Learn about the American founding principles and the legacy of liberty.
  • Explore the history of Communism in modern Europe and the influences that led to its demise.
  • Visit the sites that reflect the life and character of President Reagan and compelled him to be a defender of freedom.

Prior to departure each student is furnished with a copy of the Reagan Legacy Foundation’s Readings and Reflections on the Legacy of Freedom as well as a personal journal. There will be periodic discussion groups during the tour centered on these materials. There will be an emphasis on tangible and meaningful experiences and for the students to form an emotional and intellectual investiture in perpetuating Reagan’s ideals.

The scholars fly to the US and back compliments of Foundation Members AIR FRANCE and Travel Express. The first leg of her trip is from Swidwin to Warsaw where they spend the night, compliments of our member company, the InterContinental Hotel.

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