About Us

Mission statement

Our mission is to enrich lives of children from the poorest rural areas of Poland and to equalize their chances for a better start in the future by organizing creative activities and programs.

We believe our CREATIVE EDUCATION evokes in children greater eagerness to learn, inspiring them to take action and encourage to helps them acquire knowledge faster and makes them happier both at school and home.

With a diverse range of our after school classes kids can discover new notions and practice new skills, such as design thinking, team work, self-confidence, from which they will benefit in the future.

These kids are our future!

Nasza misja

Naszą misją jest poprawa życia dzieci pochodzących z ubogich terenów wiejskich oraz wyrównanie ich szans na lepszy start w przyszłość poprzez organizowanie kreatywnych zajęć pozalekcyjnych.

Wierzymy, że nasza KREATYWNA EDUKACJA wzbudza w dzieciach większe pragnienie zdobywania wiedzy, inspiruje je do działania i dodaje odwagi dzięki czemu mogą szybciej się uczyć oraz są szczęśliwsze zarówno w szkole, jak i w domu.

Nasz atrakcyjny wybór zajęć pozalekcyjnych daje możliwość dzieciom poznania nowych pojęć i ćwiczenia nowych umiejętności, takich jak np. design thinking, praca zespołowa, co zaowocuje w ich przyszłym życiu.

Te dzieci są naszą przyszłością!

Who we are

The Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility is an international network of corporate CEOs working in Poland to affect positive social change through targeted corporate philanthropy. Since 2003 the foundation has been helping to empower and educate children in the poorest rural areas of Poland’s Western Pomerania province. Since 2012 the FCSR Foundation is the beneficiary organization with the National Court Register Number: KRS 0000 180 452.

The Foundation encourages corporations to be Socially Responsible, and to assist them in achieving commercial success in ways that respect ethical values, people in need, their communities and the environment. Realizing that the greatest incentive to participating in social good is to participate in social good itself, the Foundation vigorously develops and supports philanthropic activities. Foundation members live up to their responsibilities to society by being an economic, intellectual and social asset to each community in which they do business.

Our Foundation, operating in rural areas, currently supports over 1,300 children from elementary schools. Since 2017, we also provide support for over 120 disabled children in Slawoborze’s school.

The list of village schools under the assistance of the FCSR Foundation (called „PromiseKids”).

Świdwin District:

  • Szkoła Podstawowa Klępczewo (liquidated)
  • Szkoła Podstawowa Rusinowo (liquidated)
  • Szkoła Podstawowa Lekowo
  • Filialna Szkoła Podstawowa Oparzno
  • Szkoła Podstawowa Bierzwnica
  • Szkoła Podstawowa Brzeżno
  • Niepubliczna Szkoła Podstawowa Rzęcino (liquidated)
  • Szkoła Podstawowa Toporzyk
  • Szkoła Podstawowa Nielep
  • Zespół Placówek Specjalnych Sławoborze

Drawsko Pomorskie District:

  • Szkoła Podstawowa Mielenko Drawskie
  • Szkoła Podstawowa Nętno
  • Szkoła Podstawowa Nowe Worowo
  • Liquidated primary schools in the following villages: Zarańsko, Suliszewo
    and Gudowo.

Kim jesteśmy

Fundacja Społecznej Odpowiedzialności Biznesu jest Organizacją Pożytku Publicznego (OPP) o nr KRS 0000 180 452 , działającą od 2003 roku. Zrzesza ona korporacje, wyznające ideę społecznej odpowiedzialności biznesu.

Motywem działania członków fundacji jest ekonomiczny oraz intelektualny wkład w polepszenie sytuacji ludzi potrzebujących i lokalnych społeczności na terenie najuboższych w Polsce. Obecnie fundacja skupia swoje działania w Zachodniopomorskim, w powiatach Świdwińskim i  Drawskim.

Nasza Fundacja działając na terenach wiejskich wspiera obecnie ponad 1.300 dzieci ze szkół podstawowych. Od 2017 roku zapewniamy również wsparcie dla ponad 120 dzieci niepełnosprawnych z Zespołu Placówek Specjalnych w Sławoborzu.

Wykaz jednostek oświatowych objętych pomocą Fundacji FCSR na przestrzeni lat jej istnienia, zwanych “Podopiecznymi fundacji”:

Powiat Świdwiński:

  • Szkoła Podstawowa w Klępczewie (wygaszona)
  • Szkoła Podstawowa w Rusinowie (wygaszona)
  • Szkoła Podstawowa w Lekowie
  • Filialna Szkoła Podstawowa w Oparznie
  • Szkoła Podstawowa w Bierzwnicy
  • Szkoła Podstawowa w Brzeżnie
  • Niepubliczna Szkoła Podstawowa w Rzęcinie (wygaszona)
  • Szkoła Podstawowa w Toporzyku
  • Szkoła Podstawowa w Nielepie
  • Zespół Placówek Specjalnych w Sławoborzu

Powiat Drawski:

  • Szkoła Podstawowa w Mielenku Drawskim
  • Szkoła Podstawowa w Nętnie
  • Szkoła Podstawowa w Nowym Worowie
  • Wygasłe Szkoły Podstawowe w miejscowościach: Zarańsko, Suliszewo
    i Gudowo.

Stefan Zaremba

Volunteer Member of the Management Board

In keeping with our Foundation’s commitment of strong business leadership, we are proud to that we have elected Stefan Zaremba to serve as a volunteer member of our Foundation’s Management Board. Stefan Zaremba brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience to our Foundation’s Management Team. He first joined EDS in June, 1979 in Newark New Jersey. For over eight years, as President of EDS Poland, he was responsible for EDS’ business in the country of his birth, Poland. He has had 30 years of experience in the areas of business planning and development, account management, systems management, systems integration, and software development in the communications, insurance, and financial industries. At the time of a merger with Hewlett Packard, EDS was ranked 87th on the list of Fortune 500 companies, and was supporting the world’s leading companies and governments in 60 countries. EDS was established in Poland in 1992 and merged with Hewlett Packard Polska in September 2009. With more than 330,000 employees worldwide and revenues in access of billion, HP was one of the first companies in the world to understand the true need for Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR has been the underlying theme of the EDS philosophy since its founding in 1962 by Ross Perot and it continues to be after the merger with HP. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Pace University in New York City, Stefan moved back to Europe to lead EDS contracts in Germany and Italy. In the summer of 2001, he relocated to his native Poland to serve as President of EDS Poland. In November 2009, he moved back to the United States to continue his employment with Hewlett Packard.

Virginia Chasey

President and Ceo, Volunteer Member of the Management Board

Virginia Chasey is a Volunteer Member of the FCSR Management Board. Virginia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Science degree, and has been admitted to candidacy for a Doctor of Education degree from the State University of New York at Albany. She recently retired after serving fourteen years as a high school World History teacher at the American School of Warsaw. She is involved in the Foundation’s activities on a daily basis and as a teacher herself, has a special interest in the educational development of our PrommiseKids. Prior to moving to Poland, she worked with her husband in their Washington DC lobbying firm. No stranger to Foundation work, Virginia served as President of the Third World Prosthetic Foundation for 8 years, an organization committed to providing land mine victims with prosthetic devices. She and her team often put themself in harms way in the mountains of El Salvador during the El Salvadorian War in the early 1980’s. Virginia was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to membership on the United States Selective Service Board of Directors where she honorably served out her Presidential Appointment for 4-years. Virginia has also been an active member of many volunteer organizations, including the National Charity League, President of the California Ballet Society and San Diego Symphony auxiliary, the International CARE Ball Committee, Charter member of ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) and the American Friends of Warsaw here in Poland. Our PromiseKids have a special place in her heart since she is of Polish heritage. Virginia and Bill have a daughter Katie, who is a student at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, WA. Seven years ago, while living in Poland, Katie helped them start the Foundation and visited many of our first PromiseSchools. She has remained an active supporter of the Foundation ever since.

Virginia Chasey

President and Ceo of the Foundation

Tel: US 858 832 1074


Piotr Gajewski – The chairman of the committee

Marta Waś – FCSR Executive Director, a committee member

Barbara Kolasińska

Art Director

Marta Waś

Executive Director

Małgorzata Ciućka

Operations Director

Chasey, William Carmen

2/11/40 – 5/23/15   Bill passed away in San Diego, CA after a valiant six year battle with Multiple Myeloma and Leukemia.   He was a man of many God given interests and talents. Bill was an educator, U.S. Marine, research scientist, lobbyist, pilot, author, inventor, political advisor, entrepreneur and humanitarian.   The son of William and Hazel Chasey, Bill grew up in Trenton, NJ where he attended Pennsbury High. He earned his BA from Springfield College, an MA from East Carolina State and his PhD from the University of Maryland (1969).  In 1985, he was awarded the Doctor of Humane Letters from National University, for his humanitarian work and public service.   Inspired by the film, Battle Cry, Bill joined the US Marine Corps during his freshman year of college.  He was commissioned at graduation (1962) and was honourably discharged in 1965 as a First Lieutenant.   His was a lifetime of service and dedication to making a difference in the world. In particular, he was a man on a mission to make life better for children with disabilities and those in need.   Dr. Chasey had a stellar academic career devoted to the study of mentally and physically disabled children at the Universities of Texas, Ohio State and George Washington. He held the first and only John F. Kennedy Chair and Professorship at Vanderbilt University (1972-1975).   Bill left the halls of academia to become a Washington lobbyist. Two of his proudest achievements were getting Congress to pass the Education for All Handicapped Children Act in 1975 and crafting the Central American Peace Plan in 1987, for which Oscar Arias, President of Costa Rica received the Nobel Peace Prize. As an advisor to Ronald Reagan during his 1980 Presidential campaign, Bill spearheaded the first National Christian Voter Registration Program.   He and his wife Virginia founded The Third World Prosthetics Foundation in 1987, providing thousands of free prosthetics to victims of land mines in Central America. They received the Humanitarian Award for their work in 1990, from Alfredo Cristiani, President of El Salvador.   Bill wrote a number of books on the 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103. At the time of his death, he was a producer, in pre-production on a film entitled Influence, based on his writings and experiences during that time.   The Chaseys moved to Poland in 1997, where Bill served as a consultant to the International and Polish Red Cross. Moved by the poverty he saw in Eastern/Central Europe, he started the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2002. To date, FCSR has fed over 5 million hot meals and provided English, dance and music programs to some of Poland’s and Bulgaria’s neediest children. He received The Children’s Medal Award from President Kwasniewski for his work in Poland. Bill remained FCSR’s President and CEO until his death.   He was a wonderful husband, a loving father and a faithful friend. Bill had the incredible gift of touching the lives of everyone he met.  He had a keen sense of humor that brought laughter to every occasion. His heartfelt interest in people and their personal stories made everyone feel special.   In the end, he wanted to be remembered as a man who lived his faith everyday and a man who was just a servant to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.   He leaves behind his beloved wife of 36 years, Virginia, daughter Katie, sister Georgianne, two daughters by a previous marriage, Cherie and Christie and two grandchildren, Zoe and Occie, plus so many other family members he loved and enjoyed.   He would want to give thanks to the wonderful doctors and nurses on the Bone Marrow Transplant Teams at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Moores Cancer Center, San Diego. They all became like second family to him and Virginia.   His Memorial Service and Celebration of Life were held at the Village Community Presbyterian Church in Rancho Santa Fe, CA on Saturday, June 27. He was laid to rest at the Miramar National Cemetery in San Diego on Monday, June 29.  In lieu of flowers, the family requested donations to the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility, www.fcsr.pl   Bill once said: If I should die, don’t cry, put on a colorful shirt and celebrate!   And we did…   Jesus said…whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.” – John 11:25   And he never will…not in eternity and not in the hearts and minds of those he has left behind.

Craig Smith

President of Europa Property

Juliusz Kłosowski

GM of Warsaw Voice

Mariusz Bocian

KFC District Coach

Olgierd Danielewicz

Brand President of KFC Polska

Żaneta Berus

In2Win Business Consulting

Piotr Gajewski

The chairman of the committee

Marta Waś

FCSR Executive Director, a committee member

Honorary Trusteeship to ambassador Victor H. Ashe

Victor Ashe was nominated by President Bush to be Ambassador to the Republic of Poland on April 8, 2004, and confirmed by the U.S. Senate on May 21, 2004. He was sworn in on June 23, 2004, in Washington, DC. Ambassador Ashe has visited all 16 provinces of Poland twice and over 145 Polish cities. Ambassador Ashe is the most senior American bilateral Ambassador serving in Europe today. Ambassador Ashe’s history of public service includes serving 31 years in the Tennessee’s state and city elective offices. In December 2003 he completed an unprecedented 16 years as Mayor of Knoxville, the longest mayoral tenure in the city’s 216-year history. Ambassador Ashe is a graduate of Yale University with a BA in History and received his law degree from the University of Tennessee College of Law. Ambassador Ashe was elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives in 1968, at age 23. In 1975 he was elected to the State Senate, where he served for nine years. From 1967 to 1973, Ambassador Ashe served as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Reserves. Ambassador Ashe was elected mayor of Knoxville in November of 1987. In 1995, he was elected president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. In 2003 he received the Distinguished Public Service Award. Ambassador Ashe is married to the former Joan Plumleeand they have two children, J. Victor, 18, and Martha, 16. Mrs. Ashe was an elementary school teacher for 13 years.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2008

Karl Hala

General Manager of the InterContinental Hotel Warsaw

Amb. Charles Crawford

Ambassador Crawford has supported the initiatives of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility in a variety of ways. He has been an advocate for Corporate Social Responsibility in his personal and professional life, constantly encouraging British companies to be good corporate citizens, and to join forces with our Foundation’s efforts. He and his wife Helen have attended almost every Foundation event over the past three years, and have hosted a number of CSR events at the British Embassy and at their Official Warsaw Residence. The Crawfords graciously hosted a Foundation dinner party for British Corporations working in Poland, and the evening ended with 6 new member companies for the Foundation. Ambassador Crawford has taken a keen interest in the special needs of our Foundation’s Promise Kids, and has used the good auspices of his office to encourage and support the Foundation’s Hot-Meal program that feeds 40,000 meals each month to hungry Polish kids. Charles will be leaving Poland to return to the private sector at the end of his appointment later this month. Poland is a better place to live for lots of needy kids thanks to Charles Crawford, and we are pleased to name Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Warsaw, Charles Crawford an Honorary Trustee of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility.

John D. Treuge

John Treuge has been associated with the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility from its very beginning while serving as Vice President of the Management Board and Chief Technical Officer of Polkomtel, S.A. in Poland on behalf of Vodafone. His advocacy of the Foundation’s activities led to the Foundation receiving 500,000 PLN in grant awards from the Vodafone Group Foundation in London. This money was used as the seed capital that helped establish the Foundation. Mr. Treuge continued his service to the Foundation from 2002 to 2005 while he served as Chief Network Officer, and later Chief Executive Officer of Mobiltel AD, Bulgaria’s largest GSM operator with 3 million customers. He helped our Foundation establish a Care Partners Network of companies for the Bulgarian Red Cross which was dedicated to feeding needy Bulgarian children. John devoted untold numbers of hours to helping establish this program which continues today feeding over 1,000 poor Bulgarian Children. Over the past 4 years, there has never been an appeal from the Foundation that John Treuge didn’t answer. He bought one of our first cows, he provided a multi-media sound system for one of the Foundation’s PromiseLand schools, he was the first person to respond to our request for support of an English Teacher for the PromiseLand. John Treuge is always there when we need expert advice in finding the best way to help needy kids. Happily retired, dividing his time between homes in California, Austria and Provence, John’s interests include reading, travel, gardening and of course the work of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility here in Poland. It can be said without exaggeration that without John Treuge, there probably wouldn’t be a Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility. It is our distinct honor and privilege to name John D. Treuge an Honorary Trustee of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility. Charles Crawford and John Treuge will attend the Foundation’s CEO Breakfast at the Bristol Hotel at 0800 on September 14th to receive their Honorary Trusteeships.

Donald M. Bohler


It is with great pleasure that we announce that Donald M. Bohler has been appointed a Trustee of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility. Don joins two distinguished Trustees, Par Stenback and Richard Schubert, who have served as Trustees of the Foundation from its very inception. Donald M. Bohler, was Vice President for Central Europe for Lockheed Martin Corporation. During his 15 years with Lockheed Martin, Don successfully managed the implementation of a number of important, international aeronautics and electronics programs and, upon establishing the Central European office in Warsaw in 1996, was instrumental in completing the sale of 48 F-16s to the Polish government. Prior to his joining Lockheed Martin, Don was a career USAF officer serving in various international posts in flight test, defense systems acquisition management, logistics and academics. He retired from the USAF with the rank of Colonel. He will now be engaged in the growth of his own business, BohlerConsults, and the further development of the Foundation within the defense and technology fields. A long-time and avid champion of charitable and philanthropic causes, Don supported the Boy Scouts of America in various capacities in the US and abroad. He was also an active Rotarian in Fort Worth, Texas, supporting its numerous international student exchange programs. He has continued that tradition in Warsaw, with the Lockheed Martin sponsorship of Polish students to the United States for Congressional internships. During his time at Lockheed Martin, Don has taken an active leadership role in the Foundation. He has provided the Foundation with valuable advice and assistance, and has worked diligently at bringing new member companies into the Foundation’s membership. Don was responsible for initiating a Lockheed Martin grant that we received for our Hot-Meal-a-Day program. He is married to the former Marie-Claude Robert of Salon-de-Provence, France and is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, the Defense Systems Management College and numerous other senior military and commercial courses. As a Foundation Trustee, Mr. Bohler will be available to the Foundation Administration and members for consultation and advice. He will know our members well, and will be an active participant in our Foundation’s annual meeting each year.

Par Stenback


On behalf of the Foundation Council, it is my great pleasure to announce that the Hon. Minister Par Stenback, Former Foreign Minister of Finland, and former Secretary General of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Geneva, has agreed to become a Trustee of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility. Mr. Stenback joins the Hon. Richard F. Schubert, Former President of the American Red Cross, and Chairman and Founding Board Member of the Peter Drucker Foundation, See Newsletter No. 4, on our Board of Trustees. Par Stenback with FCSR founders William.C.Chasey (right) and Joe Smoczynski (left)Born in Borga, Finland in 1941, Par Stenback received a Master of Political Science degree from Helsinki University, and went on to distinguish himself in the fields of Education, Business, Government and Humanitarian affairs. He served his native Finland as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Education, and as a Member of Parliament for over 15 years. The Honorary title “Minister” was bestowed upon him by the President of the Republic of Finland in 1999. Mr. Stenback serves as Vice President of the International Youth Foundation (Baltimore), Chairman of the Joint Norwegian-Swedish Commission preparing a new Reindeer Grazing Convention, President of the Foundation for Swedish Culture in Finland, and served as President of the Finnish Red Cross and as Secretary General of the Finnish Red Cross. He served as Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers (Copenhagen, Denmark), Managing Director of the Hanaholmen Center for Cultural Cooperation, and Editor of the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation. He continues to serve as Chairman of the Senate of the European Culture Parliament, Chairman of the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation, Member of the Board of the Finnish Institute in Sweden, and Vice Chairman of the European Union Committee of the European Foundation Center (EFC). He serves as an active member of the Policyholders’ Representative Assembly of Suomi Mutual Life Assurance Company in Finland. Our new Trustee Stenback holds an Honorary Doctoral Degree from Petrozavodsk State University in the Republic of Karelia, and has received the Grand Cross of Sweden, Grand Cross of Denmark, Grand Cross of Norway, Grand Cross of Iceland, and the Grand Cross of Venezuela. He holds the title of Commander of the Order of the Lion, and Order of the White Rose of Finland, and the title of Commander of the Ordre de Sante, Cote d’Ivire. He has received decorations from 11 Red Cross Societies from throughout the world. As Foundation Trustees, Mr. Stenback and Mr. Schubert will be available to the Foundation Administration and Members for consultation and advice. They will get to know our Members well, as they will be active participants in our Foundation annual meetings. I am especially proud to have my longtime friends Par Stenback and Dick Schubert giving us their expert advice, and interacting with us on an ongoing basis. We should all be proud to have such distinguished people serving our Foundation as Trustees.

Richard F. Schubert


It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Honorable Richard F. Schubert, Chairman and Founding Board Member of the Peter Drucker Foundation has agreed to serve as a Trustee for the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility. Mr. Schubert has served in leadership positions in law, business, government and the non-profit sector. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of the Executive Coaching Network, and is Washington Representative and founding board member of the Management & Training Corporation. In addition, he serves as Chairman Emeritus of the International Youth Foundation, and Vice Chairman and founding board member of the Josephson Institute of Ethics. Mr. Schubert received a Bachelor of Laws degree from Yale Law School in 1961. He has served as Solicitor of the US Department of Labor, and Under Secretary of Labor under President Richard Nixon. He served as President and as Vice Chairman of Bethlehem Steel Corporation. Mr. Schubert served as President of the American Red Cross from January 1, 1983 until May 31, 1989, and he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Points of Light Foundation from December 1990 until July 1995. Eastern Nazarene College awarded Mr. Schubert an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree in June 1975. He received an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Allentown College, an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio, and an Honorary Doctor of Humanics from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. In May 1988 he received an Honorary Doctorate from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. In addition to the affiliations noted above, Mr. Schubert serves as a founding member of the board of Thermal Systems International (TSI) and on the advisory board of the PureSource Corporation. He also serves as Chairman of the board of Biorelease Corporation. He is on the board of directors of Weirton Steel, National Alliance of Business, Community of Hope, and is a member of the Board of Reference, of the Christian College Coalition. He is Chairman of the board of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc. and is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a Principal in the Center for Excellence in Government. He has been a member of the American Iron and Steel Institute and served as Chairman of its Committee on International Trade. He has served on the board of directors of S.I. Handling Corporation of Easton, Pennsylvania, American Security Bank, the Roosevelt Center for American Policy Studies, and the National Assembly of National Voluntary, Health and Social Welfare Organizations. He also served as a visiting fellow of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation and as a member of the Presidential Drug Advisory Council. As a Foundation Trustee, Mr. Schubert will be available to the Foundation Administration and Members for consultation and advice. He will get to know our Members well as he will be an active participant in our Foundation annual meeting each year.

Your 1% CAN make a 100% difference in their lives!

Dear “Promise Kid” Supporters and Friends, members of the FCSR Foundation,

As you know, since 2004 every tax payer in Poland can decide where to donate 1% of his/her personal income tax to the charity of their choice. To some of you, that may not sound like much, but to our kids, whom we call our Promise Kids, one percent can mean a 100 % change in their lives and futures.

For almost fifteen years now, the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (FCSR) has been helping to empower and educate children in one of Poland’s poorest rural areas – Zachodniopomorskie.  Initially we set out to provide hot meals every school day to our kids in fifteen village schools. We just wanted them to go to school without being hungry, to learn and have a future. Over the course of the years, with your help, FCSR provided over 6 million meals! Thank you!

Soon we realized that it takes more than a full stomach to make it out of the cycle of poverty.

With your help, we have been able to expand our programs, enriching lives of many kids, their educational experiences through many after school activities and programs such as: English Language „Dreams Come True”, Arts and Dance Workshops, Self reliance cooking workshops „The Little Chef” and Medical aid for sick children „A Helping Hand.” We have provided a variety of educational/cultural tours and sports camps throughout these years. We have organized educational trips to the USA for some of our best students in English. We are proud to say that they are now at the top of their classes in university and entering graduate programs. Thanks to you we have made an impact on their lives and given them hope for the future.

These kids are the future of Poland. They’re smart, funny, and clever and want to make a difference. They just need a leg up, an opportunity – and your support. They have great promise!

Thank you on behalf of our Promise Kids!


Virginia Chasey, President of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility

January 2017, San Diego, CA

KRS 0000 180 452

Twój 1% daje im szansę na 100% zmiany w ich życiu!

Drodzy przyjaciele i darczyńcy, członkowie Fundacji FCSR,

Od 2004 roku w Polsce każdemu podatnikowi przysługuje prawo przekazania 1% podatku na rzecz wybranej organizacji pożytku publicznego. Niektórym z Państwa może się wydawać, że to znikoma kwota, ale dla naszych podopiecznych ten 1% może oznaczać 100% zmiany w ich życiu.

Od prawie 15 lat Fundacja FCSR działa na rzecz osób w trudnej sytuacji życiowej i finansowej
w województwie zachodniopomorskim, w jednym z najuboższych regionów Polski. Za pierwszorzędny cel stawiamy sobie wyrównywanie szans dzieci pochodzących z ubogich rodzin z terenów wiejskich, kładąc nacisk na ich edukację i rozwój. 15 lat temu zaczynaliśmy od zapewniania dzieciom gorących posiłków w 15 szkołach wiejskich. Często był to ich jedyny gorący posiłek w ciągu dnia. Przez wiele lat istniała potrzeba, by zapewnić dzieciom choć jeden posiłek, by mogły się uczyć i rozwijać. Dzięki Państwu udało nam się przygotować dla naszych podopiecznych 6 milionów obiadów. Dziękujemy! Szybko zdaliśmy sobie sprawę, że pełny brzuszek to nie wszystko. Jesteśmy dumni, że z Państwa pomocą byliśmy w stanie rozszerzyć nasze programy ubogacając przez to życie naszych dzieciaków. Zorganizowaliśmy dla nich wiele wycieczek edukacyjnych, obozów sportowych, kursów nauki pływania. Ufundowaliśmy stypendia na wyjazdy edukacyjne do Stanów Zjednoczonych dla najlepszych uczniów języka angielskiego i teraz jesteśmy dumni widząc naszych podopiecznych studiujących na najlepszych uczelniach w Polsce. Dzięki Państwa pomocy udało się nam pozytywnie wpłynąć na przyszłość tej młodzieży.

Nasza pomoc, to nie jednorazowe akcje, ale i długofalowe działania rozwojowe na rzecz dzieci z rodzin o trudnych uwarunkowaniach socjalnych. Organizujemy następujące programy: kurs języka angielskiego „Marzenia się spełniają”, w którym udział wzięło już ponad 1000 dzieci,  całoroczne zajęcia wokalno – taneczne „Taniec naszą pasją”, warsztaty kreatywności, zajęcia teatralne, zajęcia plastyczne, warsztaty kulinarnej samodzielności „Mały Kucharz” oraz „Pomocna Dłoń” – program pomocy przewlekle chorym dzieciom.

Te dzieci są przyszłością Polski, są inteligentne, zabawne, bystre i chcą zmiany w swoim życiu. Potrzebują tylko, by ktoś pomógł im wydobyć ich talenty i stworzył im możliwość rozwoju.

W imieniu podopiecznych,

Z poważaniem,

Virginia Chasey, Prezes Fundacji Korporacyjnej Odpowiedzialności Biznesu

20 stycznia 2016, San Diego CA

KRS 0000 180 452