This Summer…

We’re happy to announce that the GM of the InterContinental Hotel Warsaw, Marten Schoenrock, for the 11th year in a row, has invited our PromiseKid Scholars to spend four days as guests of the hotel during August.


Background: At the end of the school year, the teachers and school Directors select two of their top graduating students from each school to be FCSR/ICH Scholars based on academics and behavior. The ICH scholars are announced at graduation. You can imagine the excitement in the air! For the past 3 years we have also invited the winner of the “The Top Little Chef” competition to join the Scholars. This year, Weronika from the Nielep school will join us.

The trip will take place from August 3-6. The Scholars will have a jam-packed schedule, starting every day at 8:00 with private swim classes, on the 43rd floor fitness center, with its spectacular view of downtown Warsaw. After breakfast, they’ll tour the sights of Warsaw, including the National Stadium, Warsaw Zoo and the Copernicus Science Center. They’ll see the Old Town square, Krakowskie Przedmieście, Złote Tarasy and the Mulitikino.

On Sunday, the kids will have a delicious farewell dinner with french fries, hot dogs, cake and ice cream and visit the kitchen of the „Downtown Restaurant”.  It has become a tradition that before leaving on Monday morning, Mr. Schoenrock and Magdalena Leociak, PR manager, guide the group to the hotel roof top where they’ll admire the view and have some special time with the GM.  Thank you Marten Schoenrock and the InterContinental Hotel, Warsaw!

We would also like to thank KFC Warsaw Restaurant „Gruba Kaśka”, which has invited our Scholars for a delicious lunch while they are touring.

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