July 2, 2018 Vol.15 No.14

Summer is time for warm nights, watermelon, bare feet and barbeques, sweet corn, sunflowers, ripe tomatoes, picnics, campfires, lemonade, lightning storms, love. – Anonymous

Dear Members and Supporters,

Alas, the school year is over and summer is here! But, before we head out, I would like to take a moment to look back over this school year. So much has been accomplished and so many people to thank. I can’t do it all in this newsletter. You know who you are. However, I do want to share some of the highlights. Please go to our website and see for yourselves all that you have done to make life better for some of Poland’s neediest children www.fcsr.pl.Thank you all so very much!

Now, I hope that you will truly enjoy the summer, a time for all of the above, as well as rest, rejuvenation, family and friends.

See you in September!


Virginia Chasey, President, FCSR



FCSR President Visits PromiseLand

It was a memorable visit with the Directors, teachers, FCSR staff and of course, the PromiseKids. What a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand what the Foundation is doing and how it impacts the lives of so many children.

See more on: https://fcsr.pl/and-so-much-joy-to-be-found-in-the-promiseland/

FCSR Programs Begin in Schools

The “Stage Passion” Program

The “Stage Passion” Program under the direction of FCSR Arts Director, Basia Kolasinska began in the Brzeżno and Bierzwnica schools. Student participated in local music festivals, as well as prepared for the annual “We Can Dance” competition.

Little Chef Workshops

Little Chef Workshops, with 80 participants from 5 schools, was launched for the 2017-2018 school year.


Marta Waś Appointed FCSR Executive Director

Long time FCSR Advisory Council Member and supporter of the Foundation, Marta Was accepted the position of FCSR Executive Director and worked diligently with member companies and other not-for-profit organizations throughout the year to increase the Foundation’s visibility and cooperation in Warsaw.

see more on: https://fcsr.pl/new-fcsr-executive-director-appointed/


Representatives From AmRest Visit PromiseLand

AmRest Managers, Ewelina Jabłońska–Gryżenia, AmRest CSR Manager and Iwona Sarachman, AmRest PR Director, along with our very own Executive Director, Marta Was visited the Oparzno, Brzezno and Bierzwnica schools to experience firsthand FCSR’s Little Chef Program, sponsored by AmRest. In the Oparzno and Brzeżno schools, they had an opportunity to admire and taste all the award winning dishes prepared by last year’s participants in the LCH cooking workshops. In Brzeżno, the women viewed a photo presentation of last year’s edition of LCH. In Bierzwnica they participated in an actual workshop where the kids were making delicious desserts from tortillas, baked waffles, fresh cream and fruit.

WeCanDance Competition

FCSR’s very popular, annual “We Can Dance” Competition, took place involving over 120 students and some incredible dance moves!

Thank you Coca Cola HBC Polska for Capy juices!

See more on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=e8REiU10MKE

“Panther” Performs

Basia’s FCSR band from Bierzwnica School, “Panther”, performed their songs and a rock and roll dance at the “International Volunteer Day” and took part in the “Old Polish Song Contest” in Koszalin.


Christmas Card Competition

Every year the PromiseKids thank our supporters for all they have done by making individual Christmas cards, under the direction of FCSR Arts Director, Basia Kolasinska. They are always outstanding and an honor to receive. This year, over 230 cards, each individually handmade, were submitted from the five PromiseLand schools and the Swidwin School for Special Needs Children!

Christmas Giving Tree

This year’s “Christmas Giving Tree” party sponsored by the British School, Warsaw PTA was especially celebratory as for the first time, members of the PTA, British School students and teachers came to the PromiseLand to personally distribute the Christmas presents to our kids. They visited the Oparzno School and the Special Needs School in Sławoborze. Thank you The British School in Warsaw and MOVE ONE Relocation Co. GM Piotr Piekarowicz. See a wonderful video memorializing the event.




FCSR Kids Rock at Charity Concert

On March 18, FCSR band „Panther”, under the direction of FCSR Arts Director, Basia Kolasinska, performed on the Świdwin Culture Center stage. It was a charity concert organized by the Świdwin Urban Commune to raise money for incurable sick children in the Świdwin Commune. The „Panther” band consists of 13 kids from Bierzwnica school and Cieszeniewo village (age 7-11). They sang their hearts out with such song as: „The Best Cake in the World”, „Colorful Wind” and „Pocahontas”.


Healthy Lifestyle Contest in Nielep

To “spread the word” and encourage healthy living, FCSR held a competition at the Nielep School, just before the Easter break. Students who had participated in the KFC sponsored “Healthy Lifestyle” program throughout the school year, created leaflets on the “do’s and don’ts” of healthy living. Sixty primary students participated in the project, producing some very creative brochures, with very sound advice! Meg Ciucka, FCSR Operations Director, and Basia Kolasinska, FCSR Arts Director, selected the top four winners, who received gifts from the Foundation for their wonderful work.


FCSR Sponsors Song Festival

On May 10, the Second Annual Polish Musical Festival, organized by the Swidwin Commune and the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility took place. Over 80 kids participated, representing 4 villages. Meg Ciucka, FCSR Operations Director and Basia Kolasisnska, FCSR Arts Director were among the presenters at the festival. Under Basia’s able direction, the FCSR Band,” Panther”, took first place in the team division. Two of our PromiseKids singers participated in the solo singing competition, taking 1rst and 3rd places.


We can never thank enough Juliusz Kłosowski, GM of the Warsaw Voice newspaper for his continuous support over the years – from the very beginning of the Foundation. Once again, he demonstrated his care and concern for our PromiseKids by featuring the FCSR 1% campaign in the Warsaw Voice, Poland’s most popular English speaking newspaper.

Grand Finale of the Cooking Workshops.

Fifteen semi-finalists were pared down to the top three “Little Chefs” in a very tough competition held throughout May and early June. In the end, all 15 semi-finalists were invited to AmRest headquarters in Wroclaw where they had a very exciting time!

See more on links: https://fcsr.pl/gallery-the-little-chef-3rdedition/


Thank you AmRest for your sponsorship of this wonderful program!

This Summer

We’re happy to announce that the GM of the InterContinental Hotel Warsaw, Marten Schoenrock, for the 11th year in a row, has invited our PromiseKid Scholars to spend four days as guests of the hotel during August.

Background: At the end of the school year, the teachers and school Directors select two of their top graduating students from each school to be FCSR/ICH Scholars based on academics and behavior. The ICH scholars are announced at graduation. You can imagine the excitement in the air! For the past 3 years we have also invited the winner of the “The Top Little Chef” competition to join the Scholars.This year, Weronika from the Nielep school will join us.

The trip will take place from August 3-6. The Scholars will have a jam-packed schedule, starting every day at 8:00 with private swim classes, on the 43rd floor fitness center, with its spectacular view of downtown Warsaw. After breakfast, they’ll tour the sights of Warsaw, including the National Stadium, Warsaw Zoo and the Copernicus Science Center. They’ll see the Old Town square, Krakowskie Przedmieście, Złote Tarasy and the Mulitikino.

On Sunday, the kids will have a delicious farewell dinner with french fries, hot dogs, cake and ice cream and visit the kitchen of the „Downtown Restaurant”.  It has become a tradition that before leaving on Monday morning, Mr. Schoenrock and Magdalena Leociak, PR manager, guide the group to the hotel roof top where they’ll admire the view and have some special time with the GM.  Thank you Marten Schoenrock and the InterContinental Hotel, Warsaw!

We would also like to thank KFC Warsaw Restaurant „Gruba Kaśka”, which has invited our Scholars for a delicious lunch while they are touring.

A Special Thanks…

Throughout the year we like to recognize our member companies and supporters. So, before we end this school year, we want to thank a company that has been an FCSR member for 8 years, supporting the foundation not only financially, but contributing food supplies for our cooking workshops, to many needy families and special events throughout the school year – FANEX. We’d like to thank Piotr Kubiczek, General Manager of FANEX for his wonderful support and Bożena Sajnog Key, FANEX Account Manager, for organizing the delivery of FANEX products.

A little bit about the company: “Since 1988 Fanex has specialised in the production of sauces, ketchups, mayonnaises, mustards, dressings, marinades and savoury sticks for HoReCa. Our products are sold under our own brand name, Fanex (300 SKUs) as well as private labels of our customers.

Company flexibility is the key to the customization in product and packaging that we provide our trade partners to meet their individual needs. Fanex’s financial position and independence from external management control makes it easier for us to make quick product development and investment decisions. It also enables us to optimize operational efficiency and deliver rapid fulfilment of our customers’ expectations.

This approach gives us the ability to manufacture short runs of customer-specific products, giving us a competitive advantage over our rivals.

Our sales policy requires us to comply with the highest quality standards, certified by international authorities. Meeting the strict requirements of the BRC and IFS standards guarantees the company’s safety and professionalism.

Close cooperation with our suppliers allows for strict control of the supply of the raw materials used in our production. This in turns allows for precise analysis and tracking of each delivery.

Our advantage, apart from many years’ experience in the catering industry, is our flexibility and individual approach to customers. Members of our Sales Department will provide you with professional advice and help you choose the best solutions for your business.” Visit:



And last, but not least: Thank You Meg Ciucka and Basia Kolasinska, our Operations and Arts Directors, respectively, who run our programs every day, keep the office humming, communicate with our members and give their all to our PromiseKids, teachers, Directors and the greater community all year! Thanks also to Meg for redesigning and modernizing our website and the newsletter! Happy summer vacation everyone! Happy Independence Day (July 4th) to all in the United States!

Quote of the Week

„Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed – else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die.” –  Dwight D. Eisenhower

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