InterContinental Scholars Travel to Warsaw

From August 3-6, the top 9 Scholars from our PromiseLand schools and our top „little chef”, Weronika from the Nielep Primary School, were guests of the InterContinental Hotel in Warsaw. Each school selected its best student based on the highest average grade score and citizenship. Most of the students had never traveled outside their villages before, let alone stay in a 5star hotel, so traveling to Warsaw to tour its historical and cultural sites and staying at the InterContinental Hotel was definitely a dream come true.

This was the 11th year in a row that the InterContinental Hotel of Warsaw hosted the InterContinental Scholars Program for our PromiseKids. We’d like to express our deep gratitude to ICH General Manager, Marten Schoenrock, and his unforgettable, devoted staff, who treated our kids as kings and queens throughout their stay.

We’d also like to thank KFC Warsaw Restaurant „Gruba Kaśka” at Plac Bankowy, for inviting our kids for a delicious lunch while touring the Old Town.

The pictures below tell the whole story of the fun and excitement the kids experienced on this trip.

Enjoy watching more photos:

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