Let the 2018-2019 School Year Begin!

As always the hallways were filled with squeals and laughter as our PromiseKids greeted each other and started the new school year on Monday, September 3.

FCSR Operations Director, Meg Ciucka and FCSR Arts Director, Basia Kolasinska were on hand during the week to greet new and old students, parents, teachers and Directors. Everyone was eager to hear about FCSR’s plans for this year’s after-school program. Here is our Fall agenda:

  • The 4th edition of the ever popular Little Chef cooking workshops sponsored by AmRest Sp. z o.o.

  • Dance classes: „Stage Passion” in the Brzeżno Primary School with kids age 8-14 andthe highly competitive “WeCanDance” program in 9 schools (150 kids), with the grand finale at Lekowo Primary School.

  • Christmas Card Competition (last year we received over 300 cards!)

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