On October 3, 18 eager, early education teachers from four PromiseLand Schools: Brzezno, Bierzwnica, Lekowo and Oparzno where we are piloting the Robotics Program, participated in a 4-hour training program sponsored by EduSense Sp. z o.o.  provider of our robots.

The teachers were very enthusiastic about the training, and so appreciative of the Foundation’s initiative in this area.

Anna, an early education teacher from Lekowo said:“I personally love IT technology. The moment I heard about classes with robots, it became my little dream to employ robots into my daily teaching. I particularly like this lesson when kids learn how to take directions – they need to concentrate on how to program their robots to turn left/right, or to help for example, a small mouse to find her hole. In my opinion, thanks to the robots’ learning process, it becomes great FUN, kids are more focused and I believe that programming helps them to think in a more creative way, which supports children’s overall development.”

All teachers who took part in the training are obliged to use robots at least two to three times a month to employ or to revise some subjects in their classes.

Coincidentally, the Polish Ministry of Education recently put an emphasis on teaching coding in education this school year. Thanks to your support, the teachers in our village schools actually have the tools to do just that.

Meg (FCSR Operations Director) reports that the schools are so thankful: “Every director gave me a call to say how much they appreciate it, not to mention our wojt. (In the US – County Supervisor). He said that he found no words how to thank us.” As my late husband and Founder of FCSR, Dr. Bill Chasey would say: “That’s a WOW!”

A special thanks to Mateusz Koman, from EduSense who did a great job in leading the workshop.

We still need your financial support to sustain this wonderful program. If you or your company can help, please contact Meg Ciucka, FCSR Operations Director.

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