For all 15 semi-finalists the grand finale wasn’t the end of the adventure. They all received an invitation from AmRest company and the SIEMACHA Association to travel Wroclaw where they had a “sleepover” at the SIEMACHA Magnolia Spot and integrated with 15 of their peers. It was an incredible venture. In fact, two different worlds met – the village and the city kids playing together. Director, Krzysztof Sztochel welcomed everyone. Meg Ciucka, FCSR Operations Director and Basia Kolasinska, FCSR Arts Director had a wonderful opportunity to discuss how both organizations were working to improve the lives of needy children in Poland.

On Wednesday, all the kids from SIEMACHA and FCSR went to the most popular and most modern ZOO in Poland, followed by lunch at Pizza Hut with the brand new AmRest Chief Operational Officer – Olgierd Danielewicz. Our kids gave him hand-made „thank you” cards and had great time together asking plenty of kid-type questions about Pizza Hut!

It was especially poignant for Meg and Basia as “Olo” has been a longtime supporter of the Foundation and personal friend to past President Bill Chasey. In fact, he took part in one of our Dinner Dances, playing the prince with his wife Renata as Ariel, the Mermaid.

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And finally, CSR Manager of AmRest, Ewelina Jabłońska – Gryżenia, who organized the trip, took our kids to a photo workshop, where they learned from a professional not only how to take photos, but they actually took part in a professional photo session!

We’re proud to say that  „AmRest Sp. z o.o.” in Poland was one of the major supporters of the Foundation’s „Hot-Meal-A-Day-Program” from 2004-2015.”AmRest” still remains the biggest financial supporter of the foundation and has, for the past 3 years sponsored „The Little Chef” cooking workshops.

Thank you AmRest and SIEMACHA!!

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