“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.”  ~Doug Larson

Dear Friends and Supporters,

While Mr. Larson’s quote is humorous, it also has some truth to it. Food, cooking, eating healthy has been an important part of FCSR’s program in the PromiseLand and never more so than in the last couple of weeks as our PromiseKids competed in the Grand Finale of “The Little Chef” cooking workshops, sponsored by KFC. The winners were rewarded with a special trip to AmRest headquarters in Wroclaw. Their winning “entrees” didn’t need to smell like bacon to win – they were delicious and healthy in their own right. Read more below…

The Foundation could never carry out its mission to help some of Poland’s neediest children without the tremendous support of its contributors and member companies. Continuing with our emphasis on food this month, we would like to give a “shout out” of special thanks to member company, Supply Chain Management, which has supported FCSR since 2007! Have you ever wondered how your food gets to the market, your local grocery stores or fav restaurant? Think SCM…

Although school ends in Poland on June 23, the Foundation will be open this summer. Come the end of June, our top Scholars will be announced. In August, they will be traveling to Warsaw as guests of the Hotel InterContinental Warsaw for 11th annual “ICH Scholars Program”. Stay tuned…

Now grab yourself a healthy snack, or some bacon, and enjoy the rest of the newsletter!


Virginia Chasey

President, FCSR



As always, tensions were high on June 7, as the fifteen semi-finalists (three students selected from each of the five participating schools in the Swidwinski and Drawski regions), gathered at the Oparzno School to prepare their meals and compete for the “Top Chef” title. The “chefs” did not know ahead of time what they would be asked to prepare. Only ingredients were laid out before them. This year’s challenge? To make Tortilla Twisters and a dessert within an hour’s time limit. No small task! Taking into consideration taste, best preparation and appealing appearance, the judges voted the following students TOP LITTLE CHEFS!

1 place Weronika from Nielep Primary School

2 place Michał from Nowe Worowo Primary School

3 place Sandra from Brzeżno Primary School

For more photos click on the link: https://fcsr.pl/gallery-the-little-chef-3rdedition/

Thank you AmRest Sp. z o.o. for sponsoring and FANEX Sp. z o.o. for providing their products!



For all 15 semi-finalists the grand finale wasn’t the end of the adventure. They all received an invitation from AmRest company and the SIEMACHA Association to travel Wroclaw where they had a “sleepover” at the SIEMACHA Magnolia Spot and integrated with 15 of their peers. It was an incredible venture. In fact, two different worlds met – the village and the city kids playing together. Director, Krzysztof Sztochel welcomed everyone. Meg Ciucka, FCSR Operations Director and Basia Kolasinska, FCSR Arts Director had a wonderful opportunity to discuss how both organizations were working to improve the lives of needy children in Poland.

On Wednesday, all the kids from SIEMACHA and FCSR went to the most popular and most modern ZOO in Poland, followed by lunch at Pizza Hut with the brand new AmRest Chief Operational Officer – Olgierd Danielewicz. Our kids gave him hand-made „thank you” cards and had great time together asking plenty of kid-type questions about Pizza Hut!

It was especially poignant for Meg and Basia as “Olo” has been a longtime supporter of the Foundation and personal friend to past President Bill Chasey. In fact, he took part in one of our Dinner Dances, playing the prince with his wife Renata as Ariel, the Mermaid.

See more photos:


And finally, CSR Manager of AmRest, Ewelina Jabłońska – Gryżenia, who organized the trip, took our kids to a photo workshop, where they learned from a professional not only how to take photos, but they actually took part in a professional photo session!

We’re proud to say that  „AmRest Sp. z o.o.” in Poland was one of the major supporters of the Foundation’s „Hot-Meal-A-Day-Program” from 2004-2015.”AmRest” still remains the biggest financial supporter of the foundation and has, for the past 3 years sponsored „The Little Chef” cooking workshops.

Thank you AmRest and SIEMACHA!!



As I mentioned earlier, most of us enjoy the day to day consumption of retail products, but rarely do we understand just how these products get to their point of sale.  Behind the scenes, for each consumer product is a supply chain that is responsible for the selection, ordering, receiving, storing, and making sure that the various products are delivered to each retail outlet fresh and on time.

This is just what SCM does for a large number of famous retail restaurant giants like Foundation member AmRest, parent company of KFC and Pizza Hut, not only in Poland, but in other countries in Europe.

SCM is an innovative food supply chain & quality Assurance provider. Through 14 years of its existence, it has built a leading position in Central and Eastern Europe.

The SCM team focuses on providing excellence in the areas of food safety, complex logistics, efficient usage of assets, people and capital in supply chain processes. It is able to deliver demanding purchase objectives to its clients as experts in market trends analysis.

From the beginning, the company has been led by Zbigniew Cylny who created an environment where innovation thrives. Currently the company has entered a new stage by not only expanding the scope of its services across European countries, but adding new products and packaging development services to its portfolio. “SCM has achieved a leading position in its segment, but it still has a long way to go and further develop”, commented visionary Managing Partner, Zbigniew Cylny. Indeed, the company is growing dynamically year to year improving in both revenue and EBITA.

We, the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility, wish them lots of success. SCM is truly a great example of corporate social responsibility, not only supporting our Foundation, but the Spark Foundation, Children’s Home in Chotomow and the Julian Cochran Foundation.

Thank you for all you do to help Polish children in need! We are proud to have you as a member of FCSR. On behalf of the PromiseKids, you need to know how much you are appreciated!


“Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread and pumpkin pie.”

-Jim Davis

Virginia Borys Chasey BA, MLS
President, Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility
Email Address: virginia.chasey@fcsr.pl



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