Anticipation and excitement filled the air at the Lekowo and Nowe Worowo schools on Monday, December 10th and Tuesday, December 11th. The students could hardly wait for the gym doors to open for the Christmas Party! And what a celebration and coming together it was!

The British School in Warsaw and its Parent and Teacher Association organized this 8th edition of the “Christmas Giving Tree” for 283 of our PromiseKids: 125 from Lekowo and 138 from Nowe Worowo.  However, this year was very special. Twelve British School students, ages 12-15, 2 teachers and 2 parents arrived at the schools, coming all the way from Warsaw, to personally give away the presents and meet with our students. Please note that most of our students have never met anyone outside their villages, so, as FCSR Founder, Dr. Bill Chasey would have said: “Now that’s a WOW!!”

Not only did our guests get to play Santa Claus, they participated with great eagerness in the learning and lives of the PromiseKids for two days. They attended regular classes where our students had a chance to practice their English skills and make new friendships. For lunch, the British students enjoyed some traditional Polish dishes such as homemade pierogi. After lunch, our FCSR staff took them on a tour of the Medieval Knights Castle in Swidwin. Later in the day, our guests were invited by 15 very talented art students to take part in Christmas workshops at the Lekowo School, where they enjoyed creating and making wonderful holiday decorations together.

The next day was spent at the Primary School of Nowe Worowo. The students’ eyes were as big as saucers to see these “big kids” from Warsaw spend the day with them! The ice was soon broken however, as the gifts were distributed and everyone sang familiar Christmas songs together, especially “All I Want for Christmas is You” and “Last Christmas” …

There were some unforgettable moments. While our guests were giving out the presents, it suddenly started to snow. We found out that among our visitors there was one girl who hadn’t seen snow for 7 years! Before we knew it, she was outside twirling in in the snow. Of course everyone had to join in. Fun for all!

Not only was this a memorable time for our PromiseKids, but we were delighted to hear these comments from a few of our British guests:

Julia, 12. I decided to come on this trip to see how magical it is to see the joy in the kids eyes and to meet so many amazing people.

Esma, 12.  I joined the trip because I really like to see the happiness on children’s’ faces and I like that the children still believe in Santa Claus and his helpers. I hope they will remember us. I know I will never forget this experience.

Magdi 13, I came here because I know that not everyone is so lucky as we are and I wanted to share. I came to see the happiness on their faces when they opened the gifts they’ve waited for, for so long.

Thank you British School of Warsaw for truly bringing the love and joy of Christmas to the PromiseLand and our PromiseKids!

Photos plus link to you tube:

Gallery – Christmas Giving Tree 2018 Lekowo School

Gallery – Christmas Giving Tree 2018 Worowo

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