If the participants in the FCSR Little Chef Program weren’t excited before, they sure are now! Last week, we received an invitation from sponsoring member, AmRest and the Siemacha Association http://smhassociation.eu for the 15 semi-finalists to travel to AmRest headquarters in Wroclaw, June 12-14. There, the kids will visit with AmRest Board members and staff and for fun, will have a “sleepover” with 15 of their peers from Wroclaw, at the Magnolia Spot. See pictures and link below: http://wolontariuszeamrest.pl/galeria/

The kids will participate in workshops, play games together and of course eat plenty of pizza and chicken! FCSR Little Chef contest is scheduled to begin this week with the final competition on June 7. In the meanwhile, the kids are busy chopping their veggies, practicing their techniques, whirring their blenders and creating their recipes! Fun! Fun! Fun!

A special word of thanks to Krzysztof Sztochel, Director of the Siemacha Spot in Wroclaw, CSR Manager of AmRest, Justyna Jabłońska – Gryżenia, and PR Director of AmRest, Iwona Sarachman for the invitation and making all the arrangements!

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