“Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin

Remembering FCSR Founder, Dr. Bill Chasey…

Dear Members, Supporters and Friends,

It is now three years since we lost our dear FCSR Founder, President and my husband, Bill Chasey. Sixteen years ago, Bill promised the struggling families of the Zachodnie Pomorskie region (Poland) that he would not forget them and do whatever he could to provide their children with hope and the promise of a better future. Thus, ZP became the “PromiseLand”; our Foundation kids, the “PromiseKids” and the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility was born.

With your support, we have kept those promises alive, beginning with the FCSR Hot Meal Program providing over 4 million hot meals in our schools, after school enrichment programs in dance, art, English and healthy living, outreach programs to the mentally challenged and families in need, cultural trips to Warsaw and Wroclaw, Company Team Building programs, CEO breakfasts and Dinner Dances, just to mention a few of our FCSR initiatives over the years.

It has indeed been heartwarming to see so many of our PromiseKids strive and be successful in achieving their dreams. Each one of them is an unforgettable memory. Bill is surely smiling (maybe even singing and dancing) down upon “his” PromiseKids, their families, teachers, FCSR Staff and supporters every day.

For some fond memories of Bill and the Foundation, see our FCSR website. In the meantime, here are a few special ones…





Bill, you are unforgettable and always in our hearts! Thank you for the memories…


Virginia Chasey, FCSR President


On May 10, the Second Annual Polish Musical Festival, organized by the Swidwin Commune and the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility took place. Over 80 kids participated, representing 4 villages. Meg Ciucka, FCSR Operations Director and Basia Kolasisnska, FCSR Arts Director were among the presenters at the festival.

Under Basia’s able direction, the FCSR Band, ”Panther”, took first place in the team division. Two of our PromiseKids singers also participated in the solo singing taking 1rst and 3rd places! Congratulations to all our winners! Great job!!


If the participants in the FCSR Little Chef Program weren’t excited before, they sure are now! Last week, we received an invitation from sponsoring member, AmRest and the Siemacha Association http://smhassociation.eu/  for the 15 semi-finalists to travel to AmRest headquarters in Wroclaw, June 12-14. There, the kids will visit with AmRest Board members and staff and for fun, will have a “sleepover” with 15 of their peers from Wroclaw, at the Magnolia Spot. See pictures and link below http://wolontariuszeamrest.pl/galeria/

The kids will participate in workshops, play games together and of course eat plenty of pizza and chicken!

FCSR Little Chef contest is scheduled to begin this week with the final competition on June 7. In the meanwhile, the kids are busy chopping their veggies, practicing their techniques, whirring their blenders and creating their recipes! Fun! Fun! Fun!

A special word of thanks to Krzysztof Sztochel, Director of the Siemacha Spot in Wroclaw, CSR Manager of AmRest, Justyna Jabłońska – Gryżenia, and PR Director of AmRest, Iwona Sarachman for the invitation and making all the arrangements!



 “Memories are the key, not to the past, but to the future.” – Corrie ten Boom

Virginia Borys Chasey BA, MLS
President, Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility
Email Address: virginia.chasey@fcsr.pl



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