In the semifinals, 15 top chefs were selected by a panel of judges. Their reward was a trip to the KFC Restaurant in Szczecin where they had a behind the scenes tour of the fast food kitchen, enjoyed lunch and had fun playing games with the restaurant staff. A grand time was had by all!  Thank you to Agnieszka Pisarek the GM of „MIC&MAG” KFC Szczecin Restaurant.

The highly anticipated FINALS competitions were held on June 13 and 14. The 15 competitors were given an assortment of fruits and vegetables, supplies and spices they had not cooked with before. Within an allotted time, they had to create a fruit and a vegetable salad and a dessert before the judges. Three “little chefs” were successful in appealing to the judges’ palettes and took home the honors and prizes, including their own blenders,chef hats and aprons!

Here is a link to the video:  

The winners were:

First Place – Zuzanna from the Lekowo Primary School

Second Place – Hanna from the Bierzwnica Primary School

Third Place – Paweł from the Nowe Worowo Primary School

A special thanks to AMREST Restaurants, especially „MIC&MAG” KFC Szczecin and its GM Agnieszka Pisarek, Wojciech Zapalacz GM of West District,  and  most of all Ewelina Jabłońska – Gryżenia AmRest CSR Manager, for so graciously and generously supporting this program for the past 4 years.

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