It would seem that it is not only our PromiseKids who are excited about Robotics. As soon as it was announced that FCSR would sponsor a teachers’ workshop on using “smart robots” in the classroom, over twenty early education teachers from 4 schools, Brzezno, Bierzwnica, Lekowo and Oparzno signed up for the 4-hour course!

The professional workshop will take place on October 3 at the Lekowo School. Teachers will learn how to organize their classrooms with smart robots – OZOBOTS and how to work with their students in programming, coding, etc. In addition, each school will receive 1 set of smart robots (6 pcs. per classroom).


All this is happening thanks to your generosity in contributing your 1% charitable tax to the Foundation. Thanks to your support, not only we could buy the robots, but also provide this professional training. These are YOUR ZLOTYS at work!

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