FCSR Newsletter
February 25, 2019 Vol.16 No.7 

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

– Mother Teresa


Dear Members, Friends and Supporters,

For sixteen years now, the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (FCSR) has been helping to empower and educate children in one of Poland’s poorest areas – Zachodniopomorskie. 

In the beginning, the primary need of our PromiseKids was just one hot meal a day to help them stay alert, make it through their classes and be actively involved in their education. Over the years our kitchen fed lunch to nearly 3,000 children every day in their village schools. Then, through your generosity, we were able to add some “fun” to their lives with after school art and dance programs. 

With a full belly and renewed spirit, the next thing our kids needed was hope for a future, to be able to see beyond the poverty they were experiencing. Thus, FCSR’s mission became to enrich their lives and to equalize their chances for a better start in the future, by organizing creative educational activities and programs. We believe our CREATIVE EDUCATION programs evoke in children a greater eagerness to learn, inspires them to act, encourages them to acquire knowledge faster and makes them happier both at school and at home. Through a diverse range of after-school classes and cultural opportunities, kids can discover new ideas and practice new skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. 

One of our newest initiatives this past year was the implementation of a ROBOTICS program, which allows children to enter the world of computer programming, engineering and math. The programming is in English providing an additional opportunity to learn a foreign language. Click here to find out more: https://youtu.be/deqlZ7pzp8k

Thanks to your 1% personal income tax contributions last year we were able to:

  • take the top ten students from our village schools to Warsaw, in August, to participate in the InterContinental Warsaw “Scholars Program”. In addition to the activities at the hotel, we were able to visit many of the historical, cultural and recreational sites in the capital.
  • provide a free training workshop for 20 of our teachers in Robotics
  • buy 5 sets of smart robots for 5 schools
  • sponsor and provide prizes for FCSR’s “WeCanDance” program and competition
  • sponsor and provide prizes for the Christmas Card contest and,
  • co-organize and sponsor the “Day of Teddy” at the Slawoborze School, for children with special needs.
  • organize a Christmas party and presents for the smallest children at the Slawoborze Special School.

And now we come to that time of year again when you (and your employees) can help us to continue providing educational opportunities and most importantly, hope, for our PromiseKids by donating 1% from your 1918 Personal Income Tax to FCSR. Just put our KRS 0000 180 452 in your PIT declaration form.

Truly, 1% can make a 100% difference in their lives!

On behalf of our FCSR kids, families and teachers, 

Thank you! 


Virginia Chasey 

President, The Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility

For more information on the 1% Program, contact: Marta Waś, FCSR Executive Director,  marta.was@fcsr.pl


According to Peter Drucker, “Leaders in every single institution and in every single sector … have two responsibilities. They are responsible and accountable for the performance of their institutions, and that requires them and their institutions to be concentrated, focused, limited. They are responsible also, however, for the community as a whole.”

Peter strived to make business leaders see the community as the responsibility of the corporation. He called on leaders to embody “the Spirit of Performance” by exhibiting high levels of integrity in their moral and ethical conduct; focusing on results; building on strengths; and leading beyond borders to meet the requirements of stakeholders, ultimately serving the common good.

Ignoring externalities threatens excellence, ethics, and engagement in organizations, but addressing these externalities can transform challenges into opportunities. When we truly focus on the common good, service is a privilege —not a chore but a remarkable opportunity.

In the complexity and the context of our lives as leaders, leading in tenuous times, there are the most magnificent, most compelling, most significant opportunities to lead, to find solutions, and to build a healthy, diverse, inclusive community that cares about all its people.

…And even for a leader with little concern about the greater good, there is the reality that a sick and ailing community cannot produce the healthy, energetic, productive workforce our enterprises demand if indeed they are to be viable and even present at the end of this turbulent decade.

The bottom line of every social sector organization is “changed lives.” That is possibly why Peter Drucker said, “It is the social sector that may yet save the society.” But only in collaboration with our partners in the private and public sectors can we move beyond the walls and build this essential, cohesive community. – Frances Hasselbein, President and CEO of the Leader to Leader Institute, formerly the Peter F. Drucker Foundation.


“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Muhammad Ali

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