Little Chefs are getting ready for the semi-finals in May. Great news – the 15 best semi-finalists will go to the Szczecin KFC Restaurant to celebrate their victory!

On March 8th, International Day of Women, 16 of our PromiseKids under the direction of FCSR Arts Director, Basia Kolasinska, performed a special program honoring all the local women.

Congratulations to FCSR ARTS Director, Basia Kolasinska, who was recently elected to another 5-year term as the Soltys for her village! A Soltys is a very important person in these local communities. They are responsible for the social wellbeing of the villagers and represent them before the Swidwin Rural Commune.

On March 16 th over 65 Soltyses and local dignitaries gathered in Cieszeniewo to celebrate their election. The head of the Swidwin Rural Commune, Kazimierz Lechocki was there to congratulate them and our own PromiseKids band, PANTHER, entertained the crowd with many famous songs.

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