Who knew there was a “Potato Day” in Poland?? Well there is and it was a big day at the Nowe Worowo School. Thanks to good weather conditions, it was organized outdoors. Our FCSR “little chefs” were asked to prepare appetizers, mainly colorful, tasty and healthy vegetable sandwiches for the event. Under the supervision of Basia Kolasińska, FCSR Arts and Music Director, they made outstanding treats for all of the village community! Great job!

It seemed the word was out on how good our “little chefs” are and last Wednesday when the Oparzno school community organized a Halloween party, they invited our Foundation to support the event with snacks from our FCSR chefs. Basia and her cooks prepared great Halloween scary snacks for all. Everyone had good time eating, dancing and being together.

We’re so glad we can be part of these small, distant village schools where so little happens; and teaching our FCSR kids how to use their talents to “give back” to their communities!

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