„Right now, I think robots are where it’s at. And yes, I’m biased. Robots and space, because with home rocket kits and Lego Mindstorm sets, people can get involved. I was raised on Transformers and GoBots, so I can’t imagine what kids who are building real robots are dreaming about. „
– Daniel H. Wilson


Who, you might ask is Daniel H. Wilson? Born in1978, he is a New York Times bestselling author, television host and robotics engineer. Wilson is a contributing editor to Popular Mechanics magazine, called the „Resident Roboticist”. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon. His books include the bestseller “Robopocalypse” and his most recent novel, “The Clockwork Dynasty”, was published in August 2017.

Why are we interested? Because we would like our PromiseKids to participate in Robotics, the creative educational effort taking place in schools all over the world. FCSR has always been on the forefront of supporting programs in our member schools that would give our children hope and motivation to pursue their dreams. Today, the area of robotics, combining engineering, computers and math is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. Children as young as 5 years of age are having fun building and programming robots, while learning programming, mathematics, etc.

Currently we are “free testing” some of these programs in our PromiseSchools. In cooperation with Wonder Company, the first robots (Dash and Dot) will arrive at the Oparzno School on November 6, for two weeks. During that time our teachers and students will be able to see for themselves how the program would work. Everyone is excited about the idea! We will keep you posted in the next newsletter

For more information see: https://education.makewonder.com/

In the meantime, we are looking for sponsors/companies to contribute in making Robotics part of our FCSR after school programs. Please let us know if you would like to sponsor one or more schools. The cost for one semester for supplies, instruction, etc. is approximately 7000PLN or 1700USD, a lot of BANG for minimum BUCKS! Please help us in bringing this opportunity to our PromiseKids!


Virginia Chasey

President, FCSR


Excitement is in the air as the first auditions for the new season of “We Can Dance” begins this week, in 4 of our PromiseLand Schools! This annual dance competition is organized by FCSR Dance and Arts Director, Basia Kolasinska. We expect over 100 students will be involved in this after school program!

“We Can Dance” is always a big event, not only for the kids, but the schools, parents and the whole community. Our wonderful Basia works with every selected dancer and dance group to make sure they not only have fun, but do their best in performing. More to come as they get into the “swing” of things…


In cooperation with AmRest Holdings, we’ve started the third edition of our very popular „The Little Chef” program in all 5 PromiseLand schools – Nielep, Oparzno, Brzeżno, Bierzwnica and Nowe Worowo. During the first meeting, students had the opportunity to ask questions and find out what would be involved. Representatives from AmRest will be visiting the schools on November 16 to see and participate in the program themselves! The kids are excited about their visit…


  • 6 Nov. – Christmas Card Competition for the best decorated Christmas card
  • 23 Nov. – We Can Dance competition in Lekowo School
  • 7 Dec. – Christmas Giving Tree at Sławoborze Special School
  • 22 Dec. – Christmas Giving Tree and Christmas Eve at Oparzno School


Our aim is to develop affectionate robots that can make people smile.

— Masayoshi Son

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