Our FCSR dance program, “We Can Dance”, has been very popular for the past fifteen years in all of our Foundation schools. Based on the popular television program by the same name, hundreds of PromiseKids have danced in our schools and communities throughout the years and engaged in many competitions. As music and dance are not a part of the regular school curriculum in the schools it is a great adventure for our kids. Perhaps what some of you may not know, is that singing has been an equally important component in this program.


So, this year, we’ve decided to put a new twist in the title. While competition will still be an important element, we want to foster a spirit of “passion” for not only dancing, but singing and performing in general. Through regular vocal and dance activities, we hope our children will gain good physical condition, sensitize themselves musically and develop their creativity by stimulating their imagination. Most of our kids start in this program when they’re seven and continue straight through their teen years.

Throughout the school year, our dancers and singers have the opportunity to try their hand at many stages, starting with local festivals, school and community programs and picnics, ending with our FCSR Dinner Dance gala.  From 2004 – 2017, over 600 children participated in these activities. For sure, classes are never boring! Conducted under the watchful eye of FCSR Arts Director, Basia Kolasińska, there’s no doubt that our children have gained a “passion” for the arts!

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