“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them,
is the true meaning of our thanksgiving.”

–  W.T. Purkiser


On Thursday, November 23, families and friends across America gathered together to celebrate our National Day of Thanksgiving – a time set aside to not only feast on delicious meals and share family stories, but more importantly to give thanks and reflect upon all our blessings.

At this time, I want to give thanks to all of you who have given so much of your treasure, blessings, time and effort to make life better for some of Poland’s neediest children, whom we call our “PromiseKids”. You are always in our hearts and your acts of kindness are greatly appreciated.

Giving thanks for you,
Virginia Chasey
President, Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility


On November 16 and 17, we had the privilege of hosting Ewelina Jabłońska–Gryżenia, AmRest, CSR Manager and Iwona Sarachman, AmRest PR Director, along with our very own Executive Director, Marta Was at the Oparzno, Brzezno and Bierzwnica schools to experience firsthand FCSR’s Little Chef program.
AmRest Holdings SE is the largest independent chain restaurant operator in Central and Eastern Europe. It includes among its brand names, KFC, Pizza Hut and Starbucks. We are proud to say that it has been a supporter of our Foundation since the very beginning. For the last couple of years, it has personally sponsored one of our most popular programs,”The Little Chef”, aimed at helping our children develop healthier lifestyles.
In the Oparzno and Brzeżno schools, they had an opportunity to admire and taste all the award winning dishes prepared by last year’s participants in the LC cooking workshops. The kids explained how they prepared each course step by step. In Brzeżno, the women viewed a photo presentation of last year’s edition of LC. In Bierzwnica they participated in an actual workshop where the kids were making delicious desserts from tortillas, baked waffles, fresh cream and fruit! Mmmm…
Our guests had many questions for the little chefs, who were most eager to answer and show off their creations. A great time was had by all!


Every year our PromiseKids like to thank our supporters for all they have done by making individual Christmas cards, under the direction of FCSR Arts Director, Basia Kolasinska. They are always outstanding and an honor to receive.
This year, Basia decided to incorporate a contest into the endeavor – for the most unique and/or most beautiful card. Little did she know wat she was getting into! Over 230 cards, each individually handmade, were submitted to our office from the five PromiseLand schools and the Swidwin School for Special Needs Children! See the pictures below of our “carpet of cards” and examples of the tremendous creativity and care our kids showed in making these love cards for you!
Good luck Basia and Meg in deciding on the winners!! We only have enough resources for the top three winners, but if any of you would like to contribute an early Christmas present for more winners, let Meg, our Operations Director know.


Like all of you, the PromiseKids and the Foundation have a lot of special activities planned for the holiday season.  See below the list of events our staff and kids will be participating in…

Nov. 23 – We Can Dance Competition.  Results next newsletter.
Nov. 24 – Basia’s band from Bierzwnica School, „The Panthers” perform their songs and a rock and roll dance at „International Volunteer Day”
Nov. 26 – The “Old Polish Song Contest” in Koszalin. „The Panthers” will be among the contestants.
Nov. 28 – Christmas Card Contest results announced.
Dec. 7 – “Christmas Giving Tree” party sponsored by the British School, Warsaw PTA. For the first time, members of the PTA, British School students and teachers will be traveling to the PromiseLand to personally distribute Christmas presents to our kids. We are so excited about their coming!

This is just the beginning of the calendar…


“Each day is a gift from God. What you do with it is your gift to Him” 

– T.D. Jakes

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